Enrollment Requirements

The requirements for acceptance for international students are much the same as for local students:
  • Families must be growing in their personal Christian walk and be active members and involved in their local church (when permissible in their country).  McKinney Christian Academy requires at least one parent be a Christian.
  • Students must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be growing in their Christian walk.
  • Students need to be academically motivated, have a proven record of being successful in their current school, and be 19 years old or younger when graduating from MCA.
  • Students are to be willing to get involved in clubs and activities at MCA.
  • Students’ behavioral, emotional and social histories must demonstrate maturity and are to be in harmony with the expectations of McKinney Christian Academy.
  •  Admissions Testing Requirements: TOEFL  [TOEFL Jr. (ages 11-15) and TOEFL-IBT (ages 16+)]
    • 9th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 725+ or TOEFL score of 50+
    • 10th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 750+ or TOEFL score of 60+
    • 11th grade – TOEFL score of 70+
    • Admissions SSAT testing score requirement: 50% or higher
    • ISEE scores: 50% or higher
    • Nationally standardized test administered by MCA  
Enrollment requirements for international students after acceptance:
  • First year students are required to enroll in MCA’s Directed Studies’ Language Arts and Study Strategies classes to assist them with their English proficiency and transition into our college preparatory curriculum.
  • Second year students may be recommended to enroll in Directed Studies at MCA if needed.
  • Students must live with their biological family or a Christian Host Family while attending MCA.