Library Corner

MCA Library

Middle School Rooms 317 & 318

Mon - Thur :   7:30-4:00
Fri :                 7:30-1:30


Shop the book fair online April 15-May 5!

MCA Library Book Fair Hours

Mon. April 29- Thur. May 2 :            7:30am - 4:00pm
Friday, May. 3:                                   7:30am - 1:30pm


Shop the MCA Book Fair in the Library or Online!

All proceeds benefit the MCA Library, students, and teachers!

Download the Book Fairs App
How to order from a teacher's online wish list
How to create a student online wish list
How to share our book fair by sending eCards


Digital Resources

MS & US students will find digital resource log on information in the shared Google folder "Student Library Resourses" in their Google Drive.  

School usernames and passwords can be found in your RenWeb account.


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