Academic Guidance Sessions

During the spring semester, the Academic Counselor meets with students during the school day and hosts parent guidance sessions at night.  These sessions inform students and parents of course options, planning suggestions, things to consider in choosing courses, important grade-specific college planning items, scheduling particulars and deadlines for returning the four year course plan and course requests for the following school year.  Following the Guidance Sessions, parents are invited to schedule an appointment with the academic counselor to discuss the four year plan together. The four year plan signed by the parents serves as the student’s course requests for the following school year.

8th Grade Welcome to Upper School Orientation (Open/Close the Presentation)

Parent College Planning Night: Class of 2017 (Open/Close the Presentation)

Academic and Course Planning: Classes 2018, 2019, 2020 (Open/Close the Presentation)

Guide to PSAT Score Reports (Open/Close the Presentation)

Sophomore Academics: Class of 2019 (Open/Close the Presentation)

Freshmen Academics: Class of 2020 (Open/Close the Presentation)