Admissions Policies

McKinney Christian Academy

McKinney Christian Academy is a Christian, coeducational, independent, non-profit, non-denominational Covenant school PreK (4 yrs) through Grade 12. Students from Christian families are accepted into McKinney Christian Academy after demonstrating that they meet the admissions standards.  We believe the specific objectives of McKinney Christian Academy are realized when the home and school are working in concert and mutual support. While we believe God has given the primary responsibility for discipline and instruction of children to parents, MCA endeavors to assist the parents in the teaching and training of truth and character development. McKinney Christian Academy approaches education within the framework of our faith in Jesus Christ as outlined in our Statement of Faith. MCA is committed to combining a biblical worldview with a college preparatory curriculum, benefiting the whole student; mind, body and spirit. McKinney Christian Academy students are afforded the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills from a Christian worldview, guiding them into making their relationship with Jesus Christ meaningful in every aspect of their lives. Please refer to MCA’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Statement of Core Values, Philosophy of Education Statement and Statement of Faith.

The mission of McKinney Christian Academy ultimately can be seen in the following summary of objectives:

  • To establish God’s Truth as the guide for life.
  • To maintain a demanding curriculum and high academic standard.
  • To encourage an environment where fellow believers are co-laborers to the glory of God, benefiting students, families, faculty and staff.
  • Recognizing that the MCA student’s value system originates in the home and as he/she grows, is further developed by the home, church, and school working together, which forms a structure of great strength and stability in the lives of our children.

The following policies apply to students seeking admission to MCA:

  • At least one parent must give a written and verbal account of how they came to know the Lord and be in agreement with MCA Statement of Faith.
  • Students in grades 6 and above must give a written and verbal account of their relationship with Christ and be in agreement with MCA Statement of Faith.
  • Both the parent and student are expected to be attending a local church on a regular basis.
  • A Pastoral/Church Leader Recommendation is required.
  • Students in grades PreK and Kindergarten are given a Developmental Assessment to determine developmental readiness and proper placement.
  • Students in grades 1 – 12 must demonstrate a capacity to academically succeed at MCA on the Admissions Test that is administered by a MCA examiner. Achievement scores from nationally normed standardized tests taken at a previous school will be accepted for consideration if taken within 12 months of the application date. Examples: Stanford 10, Terra Nova, SAT, ACT. State and local testing will not be accepted in place of the admissions testing. Typically, a student must score at the 50 percentile or above in order to be academically successful at MCA.
  • Students must be performing at or above grade level. 
  • Students are required to successfully pass all core classes with a 70 or higher to be considered for admission to the next grade.
  • MCA does not have provisions available for students requiring special education. The school’s Directed Study Program does, however, provide assistance for some mild learning differences for students performing at or above grade level. (Additional fees are charged for these services.) Diagnostic testing is required to enroll in Directed Studies and spots are limited.
  • High School applicants must complete the admissions process and be enrolled at another accredited school or have up to date homeschooling approved credits. 
  • Applicants transferring from a high school not regionally accredited by TEA, SACS, or other state or regional accrediting agency or transferring from home-based instruction must take and pass a credit-by-exam test in every course for which they wish to receive credit. (Additional fees are charged for these services.)
  • Applicants must attend a traditional school or homeschool at least 1 year prior to applying to MCA. (Treatment facilities, boarding school, or alternative schools are not considered a traditional setting.)
  • Students transferring high school credits must have a grade of 70 or higher to receive credit.
  • Students applying for 12th grade will be considered on a case by case basis.  These openings are primarily reserved for students relocating to the McKinney area. Students must begin class in August. Mid-year transfers will not be considered.
  • Students must have a record of good behavior at their previous school(s).
  • Students who have chronic discipline problems or In-School Suspension (ISS), Out-of-School Suspension (OSS), Alternative School placement, or expulsion from a school will not be considered for admission.
  • Students found to have discipline problems after being admitted will be dismissed immediately.  Any tuition and fees paid will not be refunded.
  • The application process may take a minimum of two weeks to complete. Some applications may take longer to process depending on testing, scheduling needs, and length of time it takes for applicants to submit their required documentation. The Admissions Office will make every effort to expedite each application.
  • Admission to MCA is a family commitment. Students must reside with a parent or legal guardian who meets school admission policies. Each family must agree to support school standards.
  • All students enrolling in Pre-K must be 4 years old on or before September 1. All Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before September 1.  Students must be fully potty trained and independent in the restroom, washing hands, able to dress, and undress.
  • Students who will be over the age of 19 while in Grade 12 will not be admitted.
  • All new students must have a recent physical examination by licensed physician and the state required immunizations.
  • To continue to be enrolled, a student must exhibit academic ability, satisfactory academic achievement, emotional stability, positive social behavior, good moral character and cooperation with teachers and administration. The parents must continue to partner with MCA and continue active involvement in their church. Regular attendance at MCA meetings and parent-teacher conferences are examples of family support and cooperation. Enrollment at MCA, as in any private school, is a privilege that involves mutual responsibilities and partnership.
  • McKinney Christian Academy is non-discriminatory and accepts students without regard to national or ethnic origin, race, or color, and grants them equal treatment and access to services and privileges.