Course Levels

College Prep On Grade Level Coursework
MCA courses are all intentionally designed to prepare students for college level coursework. Since all standard courses offer this added rigor, there is no additional GPA weight given for the grades although they are advanced level courses in comparison to standard coursework at non college preparatory schools. Each department vertically aligns the curriculum through middle and upper school ensuring that curriculum content flows from year to year, building upon previous content with added challenge each year in every subject.

Honors Level Coursework
Honors courses at MCA are designed to specifically prepare the student for a college level course in that specific focus of the department. For example, Honors Precalculus prepares the student for AP Calculus at MCA or calculus post-high school on the college campus. Honors courses are more rigorous than the standard courses and as such, added GPA weight is given for the grades earned in the courses. Academic prerequisite requirements must be met for placement in an honors level course.

AP® / Dual Credit Coursework
Advanced Placement (AP®) and Dual Credit (DC) courses are taught at the university level and are taught on the MCA campus. To evaluate a student’s readiness for this level of work at a young age, parents should consider the student’s critical thinking skills, grades earned, organization, time management, and motivation among other factors. With the exception of math courses, AP and DC courses typically have less daily and weekly homework, but longer-term projects, papers and exams as with most college courses.