MCA’s School Code for testing is: 444631

The ACT and SAT are both college admissions examinations and either are accepted for admission to universities. The content is designed to measure the students’ knowledge and skills obtained through high school coursework. Students typically take one or both tests 2-3 times during the spring of junior year and reserve fall of senior year for a potential final test date. The scores from the exams are often critical in the college admissions decision and are the basis for many scholarship awards. Traditional admission universities typically have no preference regarding which test an applicant should take. As the tests are very different from each other, this gives students the freedom to take the test in which they perform best. In the junior year, each student’s test history is reviewed and a specific recommendation regarding testing is given to each student. MCA students historically score well above the state and national averages.

Junior Year
Plan 2-3 test dates between January and June of either or both the ACT or SAT. Registration is recommended 2 months in advance. The academic advisor will give junior students individually a recommendation for which test the student should take by the end of fall semester.

Senior Year
If higher scores are still needed for admission or scholarships, plan to complete testing for admissions decisions by December. Continue testing in spring if it is possible to increase your scholarship award. Note the last initial test date accepted by Texas A&M is November and only if you send scores when you register for the test. Typically, scores only increase after the 2nd test date if you specifically prepare for the tests.